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A Serial Number is unique to each timepiece. Serial Numbers are extremely important because they prove that you own an authentic TAG Heuer timepiece.

It is located on the back of your watch
There are two numbers on the caseback of your watch. One number is directly below the other. The number below is your Serial Number e.g. SR4097. In general, a TAG Heuer serial number is comprised of two letters and four numbers. However, there may be exceptions.( 3 letters with 3 numbers or 6 numbers)  

In the above example SR4097 is the serial number. NOTE: If your timepiece is a certified chronometer it will have a 6-digit number without letters.

Example: 688899

If you need assistance registering your product you may call Customer Care at 1.866.675.2080.      This number is for assistance with the registration process only.